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About D.C Jenkins Water Well Service


About D.C. Jenkins Water Well Service

As a boy my grandfather had a water well drilling and service business. He opened it in 1976 and it was located in Pearland Texas and served the greater houston area. That's what got me interested in this business! I worked for him and a few great uncles and uncles that were in this business and I loved the type of work, and still love what I do! It's in my blood and has been since my great grandfather Orville Davis who started all of this in 1933 on a oil lease out of Boling Texas.

My great grandfather, Orville Thomas Davis, started out leaving his home at around 14 years of age from Missouri to go to work on a pipeline in Oklahoma headed to Houston Texas. He started out as a water boy (giving out water to the men digging and installing pipe lines from North America to Texas), and working his way up over the years to an oil steam boiler maker. He continued drilling oil wells and finally met the love of his life. My great grandmother, Sally Ellis Davis from Stafford Texas, where she worked as a waitress for her father’s restaurant and hotel. They got married and shortly after moved to the Boling Texas area where they lived on a oil lease and had children. His son Billy Thomas Davis, my mother's father, loved to aggravate his dad, so he took off with my great grandfather's (Orville's) drilling rig he had built on the oil lease in Boling, Texas. He drove it to the "valley" Brownsville, TX. in the late 1940’s and started drilling irrigation wells and residential wells all around that area for a few years. The company started out as O.T Davis & Sons Drilling Company and later turned into Davis Water Well Drilling Company located in Baycity, TX. Billy and sons drilled and serviced wells all around the greater Houston area until the late 1990s . He retired and left his 2 twin sons the business. They ran the company until 2003 and both died shortly after.

Long story short, I (Daniel Jenkins) grew up across the street from my grandfather's home and business. Every chance I could get away from my mother I was high tailing it across the street and jumping into the pulling rig or drilling rigs with my two uncles going with them to do jobs or drill a well.

Have any more questions? Just ask me! Thanks for reading my super long story on how I ended up in this business. My son will carry on the Legacy when I'm ready to retire in this Industry "Well service and possibly drilling business" I started up dc jenkins water well service in Feb 2014 right before my son Clayton was born. The "C" in the D.C."

About D.C Jenkins Water Well Service


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