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Water Filtration Services


Water Filtration

Water Softening – Hard water leaves unsightly mineral deposits on dishes, glasses and plumbing fixtures. It also dries the skin and scalp. Laundry washed in hard water comes out stiff, scratchy and dingy. Moreover, the buildup of hard water scale in pipes and appliances quickly ruins them and boosts energy costs. The cost of a water softener will pay for itself in maintenance savings alone. Not to mention the many benefits of soft water such as cleaner dishes, easier household cleaning and healthier skin and hair.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification – Tap water cannot always be considered safe. Even water that may taste fine may still contain contaminates. A reverse osmosis water purification system (R/O) will produce great tasting, purified drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and is much more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Repairs/Service – We can repair and service all makes & models.

Well Water Treatment – D.C Jenkins Water Well Service is the “go to” company for well water treatment. Our water analysis program ensures you “do it right the first time”. Complex water conditions require the expertise of water treatment professionals.

Installation – Our certified technicians are factory trained, professional, courteous and will ensure your equipment is professionally installed and serviced.

Water Filtration Services


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